Leaders in Geologic Processing

PetroDynamics has been providing exploration and development technology since 1987. We integrate both seismic data and small scale data, including sedimentological, geochemical data from well logs, cores, thin-sections; stratigraphic stacking patterns with structural geology and large scale information from gravity and magnetic data, and plate tectonic reconstructions. We are leaders in 2D and 3D sequence stratigraphic interpretations and basin modeling of the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic sections of the Gulf of Mexico; West Africa; Brazil; Permian Basin of West Texas, North Sea, Andean and Caribbean Basins; and the Atlantic Coast of North America.

PetroDynamics has been pushing the envelope of sequence stratigraphic concepts by quantifying contemporary understanding of stratigraphic and sedimentation processes. This has been applied to many sedimentary basins around the world and has lead to a quantitative model of the eustatic history in the Mesozoic and Cenozoic. This eustatic history is critical in building accurate simulation studies of stratigraphic sections. These studies have lead to breakthrough concepts in sequence stratigraphy and have improved our understanding of local stratigraphic records. Ultimately, these products are helping to increase the return on exploration investments.